9th February 2020
closing event: group exhibition "Exposing the Bush"@TOKAS Hongo
performance: Shino Yanai
music: Ken Ikeda
exhibition curator: Haruka Iharada

20th September 2018
Collaborative Performance work with Ella Belenky and Stewart Hardie
Exhibition “The sky has no surface”

Happrning and Surveillance

9th November 2017
Collaborative Performance work with Mikito Tateisi
Photography Project Space
Royal College of Art, Battersea  (London)

Blue Passages

15 July 2016  
Portbou, Spain

Ghost Self

19th April 2014
solo exhibition “Madness Plays as Metaphor”@monshirop - Facility of Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo)
collaborator: Shun Owada
recording: Jun Kawada