Screen Memories

2012 – 2015
photographic installation (projection photography, sound) [9'10"]

Screen Memories depicts how a girl with a noh mask of boy called Jyuroku (literally sixteen) on her face drifts along various military and nuclear power facilities across Japan with a background narration of Atsumori’s fate of the Tale of the Heike. As I have encountered repeatedly at the time of gathering local information, such sights that a nuclear power plant like a spaceship or a hangar of warplanes suddenly appeared in a village surrounded by nature is like a dream but a reality and peaceful but violent at the same time.
The Noh mask of Jyuroku is made featuring the face of a young warrior named Taira-no Atsumori who was killed at the age of sixteen. The reason why the girl put the Noh mask of a warrior who was defeated in a war in this work is that it was believed to be possible not only to represent a perspective of anonymous world beyond the time, space and gender but also to symbolically express the distorted postwar history of Japan.