Grandma’s Ring

Sound (stereo) [01:12:20]

When I came back to London from Japan in February, I realised that I had left my grandma’s ring on the plane from Tokyo. I noticed that I was missing my grandma’s ring when I got back home, so I called the airline office at Heathrow airport. They looked for it on the plane, but they could not find it. I was really disappointed with their phone call. The next morning, I received another phone call from them, and it was good news: they had looked for it on the plane when it had arrived in Tokyo and finally found it. My grandma’s ring flew back to London from Tokyo. At last, she had made it to London. She had made two trips from Japan to the UK but probably did not want to come to London. I recorded the sound of the trip when I picked up my grandma’s ring at the Heathrow airport. I was on the tube to the Heathrow, where I was thinking about my grandmother and how she gave me her ring a long time ago. The ring had been a present to my grandmother from my grandfather.