Happy and Glorious

double-channel video installation (UHD, colour, stereo sound) [8’31”]

Happy and Glorious is a double screen film installation. The first part of the film features my pet mouse, Barbara, hiding beneath the book cover of John Berger’s ‘Why look at Animals?’ Barbara likes to chew on this book. The music is Beethoven’s version of the British National Anthem. In the second part of the film I sing the British National Anthem whilst listening to the music on headphones. I perform the song outside and inside Buckingham Palace, which is the symbolic heart of the British nation. I try my best to sing well, but I can’t hold the tune and I mispronounce the words. The authorities try to stop my performance, but I don’t mind. I smile at them. I am a foreigner. I am interested in the status of the ‘other’, whether that is an animal or a foreigner, and how the other is constructed by various discourses from nationalism to art theory. I have always been an ‘other’ not only here, but also in my own country. This ‘otherness’ can best be explored with art.